Pam Dalton is the exclusive Wedding Planner for Carillon Beach Weddings and Events, LLC. Pam previously served as Director of Group Services for the Town of Seaside, FL. Pam was responsible for the development and execution of weddings and events utilizing a wide variety of vendors. In her current role, Pam provides services for groups, weddings and photo shoot sessions.

This incredible combination of talent, knowledge and passion for our unique location promises to bring cherished memories to countless couples, friends and families for years to come. Come visit us online at carillonbeachweddings.com or call 850-819-2887 and create your own exceptional wedding experience.

The wedding business on the coast started with Pam Dalton at Seaside in 1997. Now at Carillon Beach, she cherishes the upscale community with its private beaches guaranteeing the ultimate in exclusivisity. Originally from the metropolitan New York area, Pam is a graduate of Manhattanville College with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Her husband’s company transfers kept their family on the move living in Charlotte, Birmingham, Syracuse, New Orleans, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Sarasota and Columbia. Along the way, Pam has had a successful corporate events company/travel agency which catered to the Electrical Utility Industry vendors arranging travel, sales meetings, trade shows, and client “fun functions”. Moving to the Panhandle in 1997 she began working at Seaside where she and her team successfully completed over 1200 weddings. In 2008, she formed Elegance Wedding and Events, LLC.

Kate & Justin


We wanted to thank you for all you did to help plan and coordinate our daughter’s wedding. A wedding in our home town would have been challenging enough, but an out-of-town destination wedding could have been overwhelming. However, the help you both provided was invaluable in so many ways. The rehearsal dinner and reception went very smoothly and the Ceremony was absolutely beautiful. We had guests constantly coming up to us and tell us what a wonderful time they had at all the events. Thank you for all that you both did to make this soooo successful.

—J and S

Thank you so much for making our wedding day so special. We really could not have done it without both of you.

—V and S

Thanks for all that you both did to make our day so very special.

—L and S

We wanted to thank you for everything you did to pull our wedding together in such a short time. It is hard to believe that you two could pull this together in just 30 days!! What a beautiful day it was for us all. We really appreciate everything.

—C and M

Thank you so much for making our day run so smoothly. It was appreciated more than you will ever know.

—C and J

We cannot thank you enough for all you did to make our wedding day perfect!! You are true professionals! Thanks for your expertise. Everything ran so smoothly. Thank you again for everything. Your kindness will never be forgotten!!

—K and C

What can we say, “YOU GUYS ARE AWSOME”!!! I can’t tell you how grateful I am to have had you both helping me! Everything was absolutely wonderful, thanks to both of you!! We so appreciate all that you did and hope to see you soon!!

—L and J

We cannot thank you enough for helping to create the wedding of our dreams!!! We were so happy with everything. The wedding and reception went so smoothly, we didn’t have to worry about a thing. Thank you for your kindness, help and hospitality!! We really felt at home in Carillon. We can’t wait to come back for years to come and vacation in “A Little Slice of Heaven”.

—R and J

Thank you for showing us the venues. They are so awesome!! Can’t wait for our wedding day!

—C and N

The vendor day was so packed with information. Pam and Kathy showed us how to have a successful event! We can’t wait to get going.

—L and T